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Magnetic Dog Collar Black

Magnetic Dog Collar Black

(21 customer reviews)

Our magnetic dog collar contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet and the canvas finish is designed to be both comfortable and durable for your pet.


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Our magnetic dog collar contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet and the canvas finish is designed to be both comfortable and durable for your pet.

Available in two sizes, small and large. Small fits neck circumference up to 45cm and large fits up to 65cm.

If required the collar can be trimmed and heat-sealed with a naked flame to prevent fraying.

Please click here for advice on how to wear and care for this product.

Please note:¬†Please do not allow the collar to come into contact with chemicals from commercially available ‘spot on’ flea treatments. We recommend removing the collar whilst the treatment is in progress. These collars can be worn by microchipped dogs.

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Small – Up to 45cm, Large – Up to 65cm

21 reviews for Magnetic Dog Collar Black

  1. Nardia Spiers

    Have had the collar for over a year now, I saw an improvement in my cavalier within a couple of weeks (he had laxating patella surgery on both legs). He is now able to run around like a normal 4 year old dog and rarely takes pain medication. These collars are amazing and I have recommended them to many friends.

  2. Gordon Mackett (verified owner)

    I have used this collar on my Staffordshire Bull Terrier for nearly two years, what a difference, he has stopped limping. Would recommend this collar.

  3. Patricia (verified owner)

    My 12 year old Labrador has always been very active until this summer. I have worn a bioflow Elite bracelet for about 12 years and found it beneficial when I had Polymyalgia, so bought a collar for my dog in September. After three weeks, he appears to have improved and continues to do so. I found my improvement to be gradual as well and managed to come off Prednisolone which I’d been on for 5 years.. Highly recommend these products for both animals and humans..

  4. Jo Lindsay (verified owner)

    Have had collar a couple of weeks now and it seems to be working. Delighted, no limping and able to jump up on couch again (not allowed on couch, that lasted all of three weeks!)

  5. Sara Anton-Watts (verified owner)

    I have a 12 year old Parson Jack Russell and after reading the reviews I bought her a Bioflow collar (my husband has a Bioflow bracelet and swears by it). In the last few weeks we have seen a great improvement in her movement and she now wants to go for walks … previously she would hide and refuse to go anywhere so I would definitely recommend it!

  6. Rebecca

    Our dog Molly is now a 13 year old Labrador. We purchased the Bioflow collar 5 years ago after been told she would need surgery on her bad joints as she could no longer walk well. Since having the collar she has made a miraculous recovery! Even the vet was shocked at her immediate improvement. She has been on no pain medication for five years now. Fantastic job!

  7. MR KEITH ANDERSON (verified owner)


  8. K Bevan (verified owner)

    We’ve only had the collar for a few weeks, but I am confident it is helping my 11 year old lurcher. He had started to get arthritis, but having been diagnosed with kidney failure 18 months ago, the vet was reluctant to put him on appropriate drugs which would affect his kidneys further. I was very keen to find him alternative treatment, and since wearing the Bioflow collar, he has regained his energetic, almost puppyish, bounce when out on walks. It is a wonderful relief to see him so much more comfortable! It’s a shame the vet wasn’t the one to recommend Bioflow!?

    I was hugely impressed with the service from Bioflow – the collar was ordered in the afternoon and arrived in the post the next day…and this was in the run up to Christmas!

  9. Mrs D Williams

    Bought my 2 springer spaniels new collars for Christmas and already I have noticed my older 11 year old spaniel is more active. She has severe arthritis and other medical problems. They already had the bio flow collar and not knowing what the life of the collar is I decided to replace them, but as stated above she has definitely got more bounce since I replaced the collar. The younger spaniel (8) also has arthritis but not to the same degree as the older dog and she is like a one year old. Would recommend to anyone to try.

  10. Becky (verified owner)

    Been using the collar and bed since Christmas for my 10 yrs old lab. She’s ruptured her ligament in her knee. We’ve noticed a big difference in her and the stiffness has reduced. Getting my old girl back

  11. Ian chamberlain (verified owner)

    Recommended by dog groomer for my dog Oscar who has had a bad limp. Since using it he has got better so think of trying myself for a bad back.

  12. MM (verified owner)

    Have bought for my almost 13 year old Springer Spaniel – she has been wearing for two weeks now, and I have seen a difference, the main difference at this stage is that she is much happier in herself and I feel as the weeks go on I will see a significant difference in her mobility too.

  13. Jill Crouch (verified owner)

    My 13 year old darling is stiffening up significantly and I’m loathe to put her on long term medication. I thought I’d give the collar a go and was thrilled to see an immediately improvement. She is still limping slightly after getting up from a long rest but there is a noticeable difference. Thank you!

  14. Lyn Taylor (verified owner)

    Quite good. We use the collar in the day and the bed at night. Seems to work well. Bed is much better value for money. I fail to see why the collar needs to be so expensive. Not a brilliant design.

  15. Tracey (verified owner)

    My 13 Labrador started wearing a magnetic collar a couple of weeks ago and she is coping much better with her arthritis

  16. Kristal Russ (verified owner)

    I’ve been an avid bioflow follower for many years so when my dog was diagnosed with arthritis and early hip dysplasia, the first thing I did was buy a bioflow collar for her. By favoring her lamer leg I noticed how stiff she was getting in other parts of her body from the overcompensating. She has been much better with it on and I can already notice the difference. The only con I would add is the Large collars are still a very narrow collar, it would be nice to have a wider version for the larger dogs.

  17. John Henchy (verified owner)

    We have now had the collar for a couple of weeks and there is a definate improvement in our 13 year old Staffie, she appears to have more energy and is a lot more alert and when the weather is cooler she runs around like she used to. We are very pleased with the result as it seems to be giving her more day to day enjoyment.

  18. Gemma (verified owner)

    Very happy with the speed of delivery and just the ease of purchasing online in general.

  19. Michelle Conlon (verified owner)

    Bought this to trial on arthritic fur baby. Charlie is an 8 year old Staffy x Ridgeback (40kgs). As he has gotten older his arthritis has been getting worse. We trialed remedies from the Vet, but unfortunately didn’t have any success.
    Have put one of your large dog collars on him at Christmas, and so far have seen a more energetic dog. He isn’t limping as much, and seems to be getting up and down with less trouble and pain. 2 weeks in and seeing improvement already, looking forward to things getting better from here. Thank you Bioflow

  20. Matt Vall (verified owner)

    Got this for my German Shepherd who was having some pain in her back leg.
    Immediately had great results, she was running around without a limp and no recurring issues.

  21. Diane Crabb (verified owner)

    Our American Staffy has had some anxiety issues so we thought we’d try the Bioflow collar having tried a number of other alternatives. Suffice to say after a week of wearing it he seems a little better so we are pleased with the results.

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