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5 Amazing Ways a Magnetic Dog Collar Can Benefit Your Pooch

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Our dogs can suffer from a number of common conditions which affect humans, as well as some which are unique to their species. It can be difficult for us, as dog owners, to fully understand our four-legged friends; and as a result, treating their ailments and injuries can be an equally difficult and daunting task.   

Magnetic therapy has been used by humans for thousands of years; with records of its use for medical purposes stretching as far back as the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. While the benefits of magnet therapy have been exploited by humans for millennia, only in the last decades has its prevalence for the treatment of animals increased.

Magnetic dog collars work by encouraging blood flow around your dog’s body. Each of our magnetic dog collars contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet, which is designed to stimulate regeneration of the cells responsible for repairing and healing the body. By creating a magnetic field around your pet, magnetic therapy dog collars focus on one specific pulse point, correcting imbalances in the naturally occurring magnetic and electrical fields found in both dogs, and humans alike.

With that in mind, we’ve summarised five of the amazing ways that a magnetic therapy collar can benefit your dog. 

Stress relief

magnetic dog collars for stress

Magnet therapy has been used throughout the ages to treat anxiety and relieve stress. The powerful gauss magnets found in quality magnetic therapy jewellery and pet accessories, apply a balanced magnetic field that works with your pets own magnetic energy to encourage effective circulation, and increase the production of oxygen within the body. Increased oxygen is thought to affect the levels of serotonin released in the body, in turn contributing to the happiness and relaxation of your four-legged friends. 


magnet therapy for arthritis

In dogs, arthritis causes the degeneration of the cartilage within the joints, causing the bones to rub together, and resulting in prolonged discomfort.  The increased blood flow created by a magnetic dog collar, has an anti-inflammatory effect on affected tissue and organs throughout the body, while also encouraging new cell generation and growth. Positioning the magnetic dog collar over the carotid arteries in the neck provides maximum exposure to the magnets.    

Surgery/ injury recovery

magnetic pet products for injury recovery

Increased blood flow to injured or diseased parts of your dog’s body encourages an increase of essential nutrients to that area, and in turn speeding up the recovery/ healing process. For example, when used to aid the healing of fractures, magnetic dog collars increase the adherence of calcium ions at the site of the break, encouraging the proper formation of the soft callus required to fix the fracture.  

Improved circulation 

magnetic therapy products for improved circulation

Each contraction of your dog’s heart sends oxygen-rich blood around his body and carries away any nasty toxins and waste products. The magnetic field generated by a Bioflow magnetic dog collar works by relaxing the capillary walls and surrounding muscle and soft tissue to boost oxygen and blood flow, keeping things moving as they should and promoting a healthy circulatory system.

Inflammatory conditions

magnetic dog collars for inflammatory conditions

Inflammatory conditions in dogs can be extremely debilitating and limit the enjoyment they get out of life. A magnetic dog collar works by reducing inflammation and restoring circulation to the affected area, promoting the regeneration of cells and easing the pain caused by inflammatory conditions. Use of magnetic collars to treat inflammation is reported to dramatically reduce lameness, and increase the quality of life, particularly of older dogs.

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4 Responses

  1. I have a truly bright, kind nd almost human German Shepherd aged 12. He has developed the dreadful condition degenerative mylopethy and has lost a serious amount of strength in his back legs, but he remains continent. Is there anything I can do for him?

    1. Hi Keith, whilst we can not guarantee that our products will definitely help your pet, many of our customers report great results with our collars. Kind regards, Bioflow.

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