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From Helpless To Healthy: How Bioflow Magnetic Therapy Changed Two Lives

This month we are delighted to introduce guest blogger, Emma Newlyn. Emma is a musician, massage therapist, writer and full-time yoga teacher who has has keen interest in alternative therapies.

There is a growing amount of information ‘out there’ right now about how we can best cure and care for our health and wellbeing. Since the 19th century, the West has relied upon man-made chemicals, pills and potions in order to cure disease, relieve pain, or – more than often – cover up symptoms. While there are indeed positive aspects to modern medicine, and there are many people who wouldn’t be living today if it weren’t for a daily prescription medicine, the rate at which medical practitioners dispense Western medicine is at an all-time high.

If it weren’t for the huge amount of side-effects and potential of addiction, there wouldn’t be such a problem with all the pills and capsules all too readily available to us. The thing is though, there are a lot of downsides to man-made, chemical-laden and totally unnatural substances that claim to promote health, which is why knowing how to help yourself not just get well, but stay well is incredibly important and empowering. Magnets are non-invasive, incredibly effective, and adapt to help the wearer with their specific needs. If health is wealth and knowledge is power, then knowing about which natural therapies may help you is invaluable.

Magnet Magic

Magnets are one of the most natural and non-invasive things to bring into daily life in order to rediscover optimum wellness, and they’ve been used for thousands of years. The earliest written medical text, The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine (published in China around 2,000 B.C.) mentions the application of magnetic stones to correct health imbalances. [1]

My Story

As someone with low blood pressure and a tendency towards ‘dizzy spells’, feeling light-headed was something I used to experience all-too-often. Nausea and travel sickness would happen every time I took a long journey somewhere, and it even lead to trips to the doctor to work out why I was experiencing such a frequent and powerful amount of dizziness.

After being prescribed with prochlorperazine – often prescribed to anyone experiencing things like nausea, vertigo, extreme dizziness, I felt a lot better, but was also experiencing side effects. Whilst you may not think of these as ‘side-effects’, the things I experienced were feelings of being totally relaxed and actually much happier, but also quite sleepy for much of the time – could prochlorperazine really have had this effect?

It turns out the answer is a resounding ‘yes’; prochlorperazine is a ‘highly potent’ antipsychotic, first administered to people in the 1950s for schitzophrenia. They’re under a group of medicines known as ‘typical antipsychotic’ or ‘major tranquilizer’ drugs. This medication blocks the brain’s dopamine pathways. However, a stronger potential side-effect is what is known as ‘extrapyramidal motor control disabilities’, essentially Parkinson’s – like tremors and uncontrollable shaking. If the medication is continued for a long period, these side-effects can become permanent even after stopping taking the daily dose of pills. Prochlorperazine has a ‘semi-paralyzing’ effect on the brain and nervous system, therefore it can actually damage the nervous system and cause a multitude of movement disorders.

The Gift of Health & Healing

After a couple of months of taking prochlorperazine, I finished up the prescription and had a couple of weeks without any medication, experiencing mild dizziness at times. It was at this time I was given a Bioflow Sport Wristband as a gift. Not knowing much about magnet therapy at the time, or even any idea what effect it might have on me, I wore it and more or less forgot about it.

After a couple of weeks, I noticed that any dizziness and nausea had completely disappeared; I hadn’t even thought about obtaining another prescription of medication because I felt as though I didn’t need it at all. I asked the person who gave me the wristband what it was for, and they explained that the magnet within the band was what was helping me feel grounded, stable and clear for the first time in a while.

Why Bioflow?

Bioflow’s wristbands have a ‘Central Reverse Polarity‘ field – a strong, multi-directional force of magnetism. Their magnet has three poles. ‘When blood passes under this multi-directional field, cells experience an agitating effect. It is this effect combined with magnet strength that is essential for the product to be effective’. The wristbands have also been verified as a Class 1 Medical Device in the UK and Europe.

There are thousands of reports of people experiencing almost ‘miraculous’ recovery from vertigo and dizziness, and even as an effective way to naturally relieve pain. This particular type of magnet technology is totally unique, and many sports professionals swear by them as a way to stay healthy and active.

I may not have written this review if it weren’t for a recent situation involving Bioflow and it’s one I was so happy to discover that I felt compelled to tell everyone: For the past year, some of my work has involved visiting a hospice on a weekly basis and spending time with both the day-care patients and patients on the wards.

Throughout my time there, I got to know a lady with motor neurone disease, who had been telling me about the nausea and dizziness she’d been experiencing for a long time. One morning she asked me what the blue wristband I was wearing was for (at this point I had been wearing a Bioflow sports wristband for about 4 years, so despite always being asked ‘what it is, I tend to forget it’s there at all). I explained that it was a magnet that effected blood flow and helped with the dizziness I used to get.

Upon hearing this, the lady proceeded to make a note of the name of the company, and two weeks later when I saw her, she had purchased the very same wristband. Having known her previously to be withdrawn, pale and exhausted, on my visit this time the lady excitedly called me over, with so much more energy and colour in her face than I had ever seen before. “I can’t believe how much this has helped me, I’m telling everyone about it. I really can’t believe it, I feel so much better”. She continued to explain that she ‘couldn’t believe’ the difference it had made to her life, and how she wanted everyone to know how much a ‘simple wristband’ could help overcome something so debilitating and exhausting.

It is for this particular lady that I am writing this post; she doesn’t have a lot of time left, but the time she does have will be all the more enjoyable for her and her family now she can experience it whilst feeling better. She wanted everyone to know how much it helped her, and I am so happy it had such a positive effect. Bioflow make wristbands in lots of different designs; sports, jewellery, plain wristbands and coloured choices; they even make collars for pets to help improve their health, so they’re suitable for the whole family!

If you or anyone you know would benefit from adding Bioflow to their life to maintain health and wellness, please share this with them.


You can follow Emma at her website or via her Twitter and Facebook pages.



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