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Magnetic therapy: An Alternative Christmas Gift Guide

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As the old saying goes, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! And what better gift to give your loved ones this year than the gift of healing? Here at Bioflow, we believe we offer the best magnetic therapy products on the market.

Using our own unique Central Reverse Polarity (CRP) magnets, we have created and expanded upon a collection of premium magnetic therapy products designed to boost health and aid the body’s natural healing process. Unlike other magnetic therapy brands, our unique CRP magnets produce a high-strength, multi-directional magnetic field designed to deliver maximum strength and penetration. 

With the festive season now in full swing, we’ve put together a guide to some of our best-selling, and favourite Bioflow products in our Christmas 2019 Bioflow gift guide.

Black Dog Collar

Bioflow black dog collar

Our black dog collar is one of the number one best-selling Bioflow magnetic therapy products. Available in four attractive colours, our magnetic therapy dog collars boost your pet’s health using our Central Reverse Polarity magnets. Positioned against the carotid arteries for maximum exposure, the unique magnets in Bioflow dog collars and magnetic therapy products are said to improve the general health and wellbeing of your dog, as well as having a positive impact on a number of ailments including stress and anxiety, arthritis and injury recovery. 

As well as magnetic dog and cat collars, we also stock a range of magnetic therapy products for pets including supplements, accessories and toys.

Lux Double Finish Bangle

Bioflow lux double finish bangle

The Lux Double Finish bangle is a contemporary, unisex design presented in a combination of both polished and brushes stainless steel and finished with a finely etched design. The simple, modern shape of the Lux Double Finish combined with its sleek, stylish finish make it the perfect present for the fashion-conscious recipient.

Two Central Reverse Polarity magnets are cleverly hidden within the cuff of the bangle, meaning no one need know you’re wearing a magnetic therapy bracelet at all!

Sport Flex all-black Wristband

Bioflow sport flex wristband

The Sport Flex all black magnetic wrist band is a stylish new addition to our sport wristband range. Made from flexible silicone, the super durable, waterproof wristband is ideal for the active user and is fully adjustable up to 22 cm. 

Bioflow Sport Flex wristbands are a firm favourite among both amateur and professional athletes, with many, including England cricketer Jonny Bairstow, firmly advocating the health benefits of Bioflow magnetic therapy products. 

Click here to see our full range of magnetic sports wristbands.

Pirouette Gold Bracelet

Bioflow pirouette gold bracelet

Beautifully designed, the Pirouette Gold Bracelet is the perfect gift to impress the lady in your life. The decadent gold finish and classic cascading link design, make this magnetic therapy bracelet one of our most popular designs to date.

Placed against the wrist, the powerful CRP magnets found in Bioflow magnetic therapy products are said to improve symptoms of arthritis, trapped nerves and a whole host of other complaints.  

The Pirouette magnetic bracelet contains two of our 2,000 gauss magnets, and is available in six stylish finishes, two sizes and includes an additional link to provide extra length if required.

Magnetic Horse Boots

Bioflow magnetic horse boots

Designed to naturally reduce swelling and increase mobility, our Bioflow magnetic horse boots are made from durable, high-performance neoprene and each contain two of our powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnets.

The advanced, breathable design allows sufficient air to circulate around your horse’s legs while providing technologically advanced protection for the fetlocks and pasterns.    

Bioflow magnetic therapy horse boots are sold as a pair, and are available in one size, to fit horses over 14 hh.

Elite Bracelet Two Tone

Bioflow elite bracelet two tone

The Elite two-tone bracelet is an attractive magnetic bracelet, finished with timeless two-tone stainless steel and polished gold plate detailing. Like all of our Bioflow magnetic therapy products, the bracelet features one of our powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnets, as well as a secondary relay magnet concealed within the clasp.

The Elite has an adjustable strap, and comes in two size options – 120 – 200mm for ladies, and 140 – 220mm for men. 

Further sizing information can be found here.

Executive Wristband Black

Bioflow executive wristband black

This premium leather magnetic therapy wristband is the ideal gift for the high-flyer in your life this Christmas. Modern and discreet, the soft leather strap makes the Executive extremely comfortable to wear, while the stainless steel module stylishly conceals the 2,000 gauss Central Reverse Polarity magnet; the wristband also features a second relay magnet, hidden within the strap.  

The Executive is also available in premium brown leather, features a buckle fastening and is available in 2 length/width options.

Boost Belt Kit

Bioflow Boost belt kit

The Bioflow Boost Belt Kit offers targeted magnetic therapy when and where you need it most. Arguably our most versatile product, the Boost Belt Kit contains three different length belts and three pairs (6) of our unique Central Reverse Polarity magnets, housed in handy velcro pouches for quick and easy positioning.   

Made from high-performance Stomatex, the Bioflow Boost Belt is breathable and weatherproof and can be worn anywhere on the body.

Used alongside Bioflow magnetic therapy products, the Bioflow Boost Belt offers a whole-body approach to healing and well-being.

Eclipse Two Tone Bracelet

Bioflow eclipse two tone bracelet

A recent addition to our range of magnetic therapy products, the Eclipse ladies bracelet features a beautiful circular design, finished in polished stainless steel and rose gold. The classic design captures timeless elegance, and three of our strong CRP magnets, to offer the ultimate in discreet magnetic therapy jewellery.

The Eclipse magnetic bracelet is available in one standard size; however, the cleverly designed lobster clasp makes the bracelet fully adjustable from 190 – 230 mm.

Windsor Leather Wristband

Bioflow windsor leather wristband

The sleek, three magnet design of the Windsor Leather Wristband, makes it one of our favourite, and arguably most stylish Bioflow magnetic therapy products. The soft, etched leather strap with carbon fibre inlay and matt stainless steel casing, house three of our unique Central Reverse Polarity magnets, as well as a single relay magnet in the buckle.  

The Windsor Leather Wristband is available in two lengths. Long, 160 – 195 mm, and extra-long, 185 – 220 mm. 

Full sizing information can be found in our wear & care guide.











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