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Magnetic Targeted Relief

Bioflow targeted relief is designed for specific areas that may benefit from the localised application of magnetic therapy and features our unique Central Reverse Polarity magnet technology.

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Bioflow targeted relief is designed for specific areas that may benefit from the localised application of magnetic therapy and features our unique Central Reverse Polarity magnet technology.

What is Magnetic Targeted Relief with CRP?

Bioflow magnetic targeted relief therapy is designed for use on specific areas that may benefit from the localised application of magnetic therapy (magnotherapy) and feature our unique Central Reverse Polarity
magnetic technology (CRP).

Central Reverse Polarity magnet technology works in a similar way to the way hospitals electromagnetic therapy machines work. By focusing on one single pulse point, it is able to treat the whole body to relieve pain and promote healing. The
electromagnetic properties of the body’s cells can be energised by the magnetic field, which can encourage blood flow and cellular activity. This in turn can increase the rate in which the cells repair themselves.

Whilst Bioflow magnetic therapy wristbands are very effective, the Boost Belt may help to localise the treatment specifically to the problem areas. This targeted relief method is reported to yield good results as
the treatment is designed to go directly to the source of pain.

What is the Boost Belt?

The Bioflow Boost Belt is an excellent example of magnetic targeted relief therapy. Unlike our wristbands, it allows you to target multiple areas of the body instead more specifically.

The Boost Belt is discreet and comfortable and can be worn underneath your clothes day and night for maximum effect. It can be used to localise the magnetic therapy treatment, with three different belt sizes and repositionable magnet pouches.
This feature allows you to place the pouches directly onto the problem areas, making the Boost Belt ideal for back and limb pains.

Whilst the magnetic wristbands can be very effective, the more targeted relief provided by the Boost Belt is said to focus the treatment to more specific regions.

The therapy belt also comes with a handy zip pouch for simple storage.

What Are The Benefits of Magnet Therapy?

There are many benefits to using magnetic targeted relief therapy. It is portable and simple to use, effective, and extremely good value for money. The magnets will not lose their strength and the magnets themselves
will never need to be replaced*

Magnetic therapy is a non-invasive, natural therapy that has very few side effects and is a form of alternative medicine.

As the magnets are small, they are easy to integrate into jewellery such as bracelets or rings, or sewn into clothing discretely. As the items are discreet and comfortable, they can be worn all day and can be slept in with ease.

The magnetic therapy Boost Belt is manufactured using Stomatex, a breathable, high performance material used by leading active wear manufacturers worldwide. This material is high quality and comfortable, yet extremely durable.

*As long as our water care guidance is followed.

What Can Magnetic Therapy Be Used For?

Magnetic targeted relief therapy can be used to treat a variety of different types of pain including:

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Back Pain

It is advised that magnetic therapy products are not used by anyone who has a pacemaker or any other implant that could be affected by magnetic fields.

Top Tips for Using Magnetic Targeted Relief products:

1) Wear a Wristband Too

The technology works best on areas of high blood flow for example on a pulse point such as the wrist. This is why wristbands are so popular and effective. The wristbands should be worn slightly loose on the wrist so as not to compromise blood
flow or damage the band. You can wear a wristband in combination with you targeted relief ‘Boost Belt’ product. Wearing both may help to boost your chances of healing, as you will receive both localised and general treatment.

2) Be patient.

The results of the technology may not be instantaneous, and in some cases it may take days or even months for any improvements to be seen. There is no harm in wearing your Bioflow product for 24 hours a day!

3) Look after yourself

Ensure you are drinking plenty of water and eating well to maximise the results of the product. The magnetic relief technology will be drawing toxins out of the body, so you will need to work with it by avoiding adding more toxins into the body.
If you are not staying well hydrated and there is too much fat, sugar or protein in the body then the immune system may be under stress and any benefits of the product may be lost.

There are many benefits to using Bioflow Magnetic Targeted Relief Therapy. As it is low cost, low risk and non-invasive, it is perfect for those looking for an alternative to traditional pain relief methods.

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