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Magnetic Sport Wristbands

At Bioflow, we have developed a range of magnetic therapy sports bands for those wishing to try a natural training and recovery method whilst staying active. We believe that it is important that magnetic therapy is not restrictive and can offer continuous support and treatment whatever your hobby or profession.

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At Bioflow, we have developed a range of magnetic therapy sports bands for those wishing to try a natural training and recovery method whilst staying active. We believe that it is important that magnetic therapy is not restrictive and can offer continuous support and treatment whatever your hobby or profession.

Why Make Different Bands For Sport?

Our range of Bioflow magnetic therapy sports bands have been specifically developed for athletes so that they can receive treatment whilst exercising and without impeding performance.

When standard magnetic bracelets are worn whilst exercising, the straps and clasps can easily dig into the skin or rub against it causing irritation or distracting from performance. For this reason, Bioflow has developed a special range of magnetic sports therapy bands that are flexible, comfortable and durable.

Professional athletes are at high risk of injury every time they train or play and suffer more than 2000 injuries per 10,000 athletes. This is why many athletes use magnetic therapy bands as a non-invasive and alternative form of therapy.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Sport Wristband?

Unlike our standard every day magnetic wristbands where the straps are either leather or canvas, these specially designed magnetic sports bands are made from an extremely flexible, durable and waterproof silicone.

The sports bands are therefore extremely comfortable, moving with your body whilst exercising meaning they are not painful or irritating and do not impede performance.

As the material is waterproof they are also resist sweat, rain and water meaning they are perfect for outdoor activities and water sports.

Like our standard magnetic bracelets, they contain the same strong Central Reverse Polarity magnets meaning the benefits are just as effective as our standard products.

Our Bioflow magnetic sports therapy bands are also available in a range of different colours to suit your style and mood. Why not tailor your sports band to your wardrobe – who said a therapy band could not be stylish?

How Does The Bioflow Magnetic Sports Band Work?

The magnetic sports bands contain one of our unique Central Reverse Polarity magnets in a durable silicone band. The electromagnetic properties of the body’s cells can be energised by the strong magnetic field, which can encourage blood flow and cellular activity. This in turn can increase the rate in which the cells repair themselves.

The magnetic therapy bands are therefore perfect for anyone taking part in light or extreme activity, as they gently encourage natural healing in the body and help to prevent further damage.

See our full range of magnetic bracelets here.

Who Are These Therapy Bands For?

These magnetic sport bands are not only for professional athletes. Many sufferers of muscular or skeletal conditions can benefit from light exercise and sport, so these bands are also ideal for those who wish to help manage their condition whilst strengthening their bodies. We would recommend the magnetic sports therapy bands to anybody that takes part in light activity or even basic sport.

Magnetic therapy has been a popular method amongst many sportspeople such as golfers for a long time due to its natural and non-invasive nature. Many leading athletes choose to use Bioflow sports wristbands to aid in their recovery and training as they can be worn with ease.

Many people that suffer from arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions find relief in gentle activities such as swimming. The Bioflow magnetic therapy sports band is waterproof meaning it can be used in conjunction with water based sports too.

Due to the flexible silicone material the band is non-invasive, comfortable and easy to move in therefore are perfect for anyone taking part in light or more strenuous activity.

What Is Different About The New Bioflow ‘Flex’ Band?

In 2018 we launched our new Bioflow Sport ‘Flex’ which is the fully adjustable version of our original magnetic ‘Sport’ wristband. The durable and waterproof silicone wristband is ideal for all types of sports and activities meaning there is no need to go without your magnetic therapy band. Both the original Sport and new Flex bands are waterproof and flexible however, the Flex sports band can be adjusted further for extra comfort and convenience.

Our Bioflow magnetic therapy sports bands are a popular alternative treatment option for busy active people and can be used without affecting performance or becoming a hindrance. Regardless of your activity levels, this therapy band is a comfortable, stylish and practical alternative to our metal Elite or canvas Explorer bands.

Why BioFlow

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BioFlow Ambassadors

"Bioflow's credibility and innovative approach to magnetic therapy led me to partner with them. The new Flex wristbands are so comfortable to wear and are a valuable part of my game"

Lee Westwood - Professional Golfer

"Bioflow has a track record of producing top quality magnetic therapy products and I'm delighted to be partnering with them. The Sport Flex wristband is durable, easy-to-wear and offers fantastic benefits, making it the perfect match accessory."

Jonny Bairstow - England Cricketer

“Bioflow's innovative approach to natural recovery and performance is the reason I chose to partner with them. The Sport Flex wristband provides the perfect combination of fit, form and function while I’m competing."

Lucas Herbert - Professional Golfer

"I'm excited and honoured to be an ambassador for Bioflow, it’s great to be representing a brand aligned with my game. The Sport Flex is an essential part of my daily kit - the quality and fit is fantastic."

Alex Marshall - Bowls Professional

"Having the support of Bioflow throughout my training and competition schedule helps fuel my performance. It's a brand I can trust."

Scott Jamieson - Professional Golfer

"With Bioflow, I found a great balance - a good looking product with fantastic benefits that is incredibly versatile to wear. I'm really impressed with the sport wristband"

Minjee Lee - LPGA Golfer
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