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Explorer Magnetic Wristband Black

(17 customer reviews)


The Explorer is a versatile and durable canvas wristband, making it ideal for everyday wear.


Features a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet housed in a stainless steel module and a relay magnet concealed in the strap. Buckle fastening.


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The Explorer is a versatile and durable canvas wristband, making it ideal for everyday wear.

Features a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet housed in a stainless steel module and a relay magnet concealed in the strap. Buckle fastening.

Available in Mens (18mm wide strap) and Ladies (14mm strap) options.

If you are in doubt which size to order, please download our size guide here. There is also a measurement guide for this product here.

Please click here for advice on how to wear and care for this product.

PLEASE NOTE: Bioflow products should not be worn by anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker or other implant that could be affected by a strong magnetic field.

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Mens Long 165-200mm, Mens X Long 195-230mm, Mens XX Long 225-260, Ladies Short 145-180mm, Ladies Long 170-205mm

17 reviews for Explorer Magnetic Wristband Black

  1. Mark Simpson (verified owner)

    I have now been wearing the wristband for two weeks and the aches and pains in my fingers and toes have virtually disappeared

  2. Bruce Sim (verified owner)

    I have been wearing bioflow wristbands for nearly 20 years and swear by them. You don’t realise how good they are until you stop wearing it. Unlike Mark Simpson it took me about 3 months to feel a real improvement.

  3. Chris Boyle (verified owner)

    I have recently replaced a Bioflow wristband I had worn for eight years. I was without one for about two and a half years, It was a life saver for a former clumsy martial artist.
    I’m pretty sure it has had a beneficial effect on my general health aches and pains, but more specifically with my sensitivity to allergens and hayfever.

  4. Johanne Murray (verified owner)

    Have been wearing the wristband since 20th Jan 17. Within a week there was no pain. Not sure if thats because I have stopped running (arthritis in big toe) or because of band. Will run tommorow and let you know!!

  5. H.J.L. (verified owner)

    I bought a replacement wrist band as I couldn’t do without one when my old band fell apart. I have had arthritis for years and find I get relief when wearing a band.

  6. Amanda Aldridge (verified owner)

    Perfect for my partner following a complete shoulder replacement. He says that he can feel an improvement in his over all pain level since he started wearing the band

  7. Colin (verified owner)

    Have been wearing Bioflow magnets for nearly 15 years, had to buy a new one as the strap had worn through. Works fantastacally on my Tendonitis.

  8. Douglas (verified owner)

    I have been wearing my Bioflow Sport for two weeks now and feel big difference, notable pain relief with arthritis in my fingers. Highly recommended.

  9. Colin Hunter (verified owner)

    Originally wore it to reduce migraine but also noticed that it helped me manage stress at work. Noticed the difference when lost mine and bought replacement 6 months later. Migraines lessened again as well.

  10. Dawn Fredrikson (verified owner)

    My Husband loves his new Bioflow. He used to have one which he relied on and really helped him but the strap broke and in those days you could not buy spares. I finally brought him a new one for Christmas this year but I let him have it early. I’m so glad I did! It is now Christmas Eve and he is really feeling the benefits of it. He suffers widespread Arthritis particularly in his neck and back, and also from Diabetes. His arms in particular have been covered in bruises but since he has been wearing a Bioflow again the bruises are fading. Very pleased. Certainly recommend. I’ve been wearing a Bioflow for the last 20 years.

  11. OpalUndead185 (verified owner)

    Within a few days of wearing my Bioflow my pain became more bearable. I’ve worn it continuously now for two weeks and am limping far less. I’m happy to recommend it to anyone.

  12. Simon (verified owner)

    I purchased the bioflow sport probably just over a month ago. I have had early onset osteoarthritis for probably 20 years. I am just fifty. For the first time in twenty years (apart from my left knee which is in the middle of a flare up) I am completely pain free. The odd twinge but nothing compared to how it was before. I am very happy with this product, it arrived quickly, it looks good is very comfortable. Apart from washing I wear it all the time. I can’t recommend this product more highly.

  13. Brian Gibson (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing a Bioflow now for years. The Bioflow explorer is excellent and comfortable to wear in all conditions. I am 70 and work in and out off water all the time being a plumber. I don’t think my hands would be as good without it. Recommendations given out all the time.

  14. Janice Pearman (verified owner)

    I feel there has been an improvement in my legs since my husband bought this for me. Have only been wearing if for a couple of weeks so I hope it will get even better as the time goes on. I had another bioflow bracelet which I wore for years but I feel this one is better.

  15. Alison (verified owner)

    The Bioflow arrived very quickly. I wanted to try it to help arthritis in my foot. I have worn it on my wrist and ankle. I have seen a great improvement in mobility and reduction in pain.

  16. Stephen Chaffey (verified owner)

    This was brought as a replacement for one I had lost.
    Not having my bioflow for a few weeks I noticed the difference with pain in my hip, it didn’t take long on receiving my new bioflow to be pain free.
    Thank you Bioflow.

  17. Swanster71 (verified owner)

    Have Bioflow for about 2 weeks and have being wearing it 24 hours. I suffer with long term chronic illness and have found a noticeable increase in my energy levels. Very happy with this aspect, I did notice that I had to take it off the first few nights to get a proper sleep. However, with constant wear I have noticed the canvas strap showing clear signs of wear and tear ( I exercise daily and play golf). Overall happy with the effects of Bioflow, but believe I will be changing strap sooner rather than later

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