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Sport Magnetic Wristband All Black

Sport Magnetic Wristband All Black

(55 customer reviews)

Designed to complement an active lifestyle, Bioflow Sport is a winning combination of powerful magnet technology teamed with a durable, waterproof silicone wristband. Each wristband contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet encased in a smooth and comfortable one-piece strap.


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Designed to complement an active lifestyle, Bioflow Sport is a winning combination of powerful magnet technology teamed with a durable, waterproof silicone wristband. Each wristband contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet encased in a smooth and comfortable one-piece strap.

Measure your wrist carefully and order a size that fits comfortably and is not restrictive. If you are in doubt which size to order, please download our size guide here

Please click here for advice on how to wear and care for this product.

PLEASE NOTE: Bioflow products should not be worn by anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker or other implant that could be affected by a strong magnetic field. Bioflow Sport wristbands are made of silicone. Silicone allergy is rare but those who experience it may have symptoms such as rashes and inflammation. Often, any reaction experienced is non-allergic and can be resolved or prevented by following our wear and cleaning guidelines listed here

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S (17.5 cm), M (19 cm), L (20.5 cm)

55 reviews for Sport Magnetic Wristband All Black

  1. Linda Durbin (verified owner)

    I have found this magnet bracelet extremely comfortable to wear. I have arthritic changes in my knees and find they are far more comfortable when wearing the Sport bracelet.

  2. Daniel Walker (verified owner)

    I find the Bioflow Sport range excellent. I play a lot of golf and find the magnetic sports wristband does wonders. Highly recommend for any sports people alike. Also looks good on your wrist.

  3. Brian (verified owner)

    Used the sport for years, can’t live without one. New sport is a improvement on the old.

  4. Peter Thompson (verified owner)

    I get a lot of back pain and wearing the bracelet does ease the pain somewhat

  5. Mike Masterson (verified owner)

    I have worn the bioflow for a number of years now and find it very comfortable to wear. I like the new all black design as it makes the band a lot more discreet for normal day use.

  6. Gerry (verified owner)

    Wee issue with delivery but when I contacted bioflow it was resolved immediately and I received the product the next day. Otherwise no issues

  7. Leon (verified owner)

    I’ve only had the product for a few weeks, it’s very comfortable to wear and easy to live with, but it hasn’t helped me with my knee or back pain – as yet.

  8. Liz Fothergill (verified owner)

    This band is very comfortable, I don’t need to take if off while showering and guess what it actually works. I have not had any pain in my hip since wearing it. It’s fantastic, everyone should have one

  9. Janice Bell (verified owner)

    The band is comfortable to wear. Wear it to work on the farm

  10. jo revill (verified owner)

    Ordered three times in 4 days each parcel came next day. Delighted with the wristbands and delighted with the efficiency of the staff. Spoke to to different girls on the phone who dealt with my query – helpful and friendly. Super impressed thanks bioflow:))))

  11. STEWART WADE (verified owner)

    I got this after buying several braces and other devices for chronic knee pain especially when running which I had to cease. Wearing this band has definitely alleviated the pain and I am now back to running, building up gradually. Very happy, will buy another.

  12. James pra (verified owner)

    After extensive research into the magnetic therapy remedies that are available. Talking to fellow RA sufferers there was only going to be one to try and see for myself. The all new bio sport. A great design which doesn’t effect day to day activities or restrict in any way. I purchased the black on black and it looks sleek and conforms with any item of clothing and styling. I have been wearing my bio flow sport for just over a month now and from going from daily RA flare ups I haven’t experienced a single episode whilst wearing the product. It never leaves my wrist. I have passed on my experience with the product to friends and family and now to future purchasers. I would highly recommend this product …

  13. Ingvild (verified owner)

    After more than 2 years of constant wrist pain, a drawer full of braces and the depressing verdict from an orthopaedic surgeon who insisted that the only option was to operate with a 50% chance of improvement, a friend of mine recommended the sport wristband. After wearing it around the clock for only 3 weeks the pain is already significantly reduced. I am so pleased! Thank you.

  14. Karen (verified owner)

    Unfortunately my skin has had an adverse reaction to the band. Not able to wear this for more than couple of days so unable to give any feedback otherwise.

  15. Stephen Atkin (verified owner)

    After getting the band I noticed a different after just a day. My back pain is still there but with the band it makes it a lot more bearable I can now move more freely during the day it’s almost like I have a new back, I forget about the pain now my life is so much better. Thank you

  16. Ron Cairnie (verified owner)

    This is now the third Sports Wristband I have purchased and I have always found they are comfortable to wear and ease the pains I have in my wrists and hands. The most recent one I bought was the all black version which I really like, very comfortable and I forget I have it on. Would recommend.

  17. Sarah Cartwright (verified owner)

    Amazing! Arthritic, aching, uncomfortable knees a thing of the past. Comfortable to wear, wouldn’t be without it now

  18. Brenda Flint (verified owner)

    I have had a bioflow bracelet for several years and it has been brilliant. I bought the sports wristband for my partner who had been experiencing pain in his wrist. He was very sceptical about its efficacy but it has worked a treat and he is now a convert. Thank you Bioflow!

  19. Karena (verified owner)

    Very comfortable to wear day and night and unobtrusive on my wrist. I haven’t had it long enough to judge whether it is helping with my mild arthritis.

  20. Paul Bishop (verified owner)

    I was starting to get pain in the joints of my fingers. On recommendation of two friends I bought the bioflow sport wristband – within a few days no more pain!! I am happy with my purchase and would recommend this product 🙂

  21. Rita Robinson (verified owner)

    Bought for my brother who has had a lot of nagging pain, he didn’t believe it would help, but lo and behold, he is wearing it every day and says things are easing. Will be getting one for my hubby now.

  22. Derek Worrall (verified owner)

    Great delivery, and product.
    The bioflow sport is working well, I have a problem with arthritis in both hands but since I started wearing my bioflow sport my hands are a lot better, I can now “grip” my golf clubs. Thank you

  23. Steve Brans (verified owner)

    This is the second bio flow wristband, good product seems to help. Good product, quick delivery highly recommended

  24. Karen Smith (verified owner)

    We had a bioflow years ago and forgot how good they were for aches and pains. Amazing value for a product that works. Got one for the husband too. It really helps the aches and pains. The sports one is comfy once on and to wear all the time but difficult to stretch over yours hand in the first place.

  25. James Huntingford (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing the bioflow sports wristband for about a month now and I have to say surprisingly enough it actually makes a real difference. I play tennis a couple of times a week and my recovery time is much quicker. Also I went for the large size so it fits quite loosely but I keep it on 24hrs a day – no problem!

  26. Martin Beastall (verified owner)

    Very comfortable to wear. Currently training for a two day ultramarathon and have noticed a definite benefit with recovery after long training runs. Would definitely recommend.

  27. Stuart Kilmartin (verified owner)

    Comfortable, convenient and does the job well- as a multi-sport athlete I needed a waterproof and weatherproof product and this is perfect.

  28. Keith Smith (verified owner)

    Simple, durable and effective. Ideal for outdoor activities as well as the office!

  29. Luis Nieto (verified owner)

    After 2 weeks wearing it, the pain in the shoulder and knee disappear, feeling more energy, more active, better in general, recommended.

  30. Heather Urqhuart

    Strenuous landscape gardening and serious hedge trimming left my lower back in agony and with sciatica around the left hip and down the left leg. A friend recommended Bioflow. I chose the all black sports version for practical as well as discrete reasons. Within 2 weeks it made such a difference to the pain threshold. Unfortunately I cannot wear it all the time because my skin sweats under the wrist band and creates a heat rash so my remedy was to purchase the stainless steel one for everyday wear. I am now covered whether gardening or dressed up for the town! I would not be without my Bioflow accessories.

  31. Lisa (verified owner)

    I bought this bracelet for my partner but he found it uncomfortable while in bed and didn’t feel that it helped him. My mam has been wearing it the past week so we are hoping to see some results soon.

  32. Phil Palmer (verified owner)

    Very comfortable to wear and unobtrusive in black on black. Some relief from the worst of my back pain, but only a week or so in. Delivered very promptly and we’ll packaged, the Sport is very well made, too.

  33. Margaret (verified owner)

    I have been wearing one of the Bioflow Sport bracelets for the last seven years with great results. I’m 72, have had surgery on both hands and my left ankle and have found during the time I have worn the bracelet the benefits have been remarkable. At the moment I’m visiting my daughter who lives in the USA and needed to replace my bracelet. I sent back to the UK for one, it arrived in amazingly quick time but I have to say the days I was without it made me realise once again what benefits I gain from wearing it. From my own experience I would have no hesitation in suggesting to others to give it a try! Thanks so much Bioflow for your great service and products!

  34. Sue Stanwell (verified owner)

    The sport wristband looks fine and is waterproof, unfortunately the small size is far too big for me. I sent it back and got a prompt refund, thank you.

  35. Craig B (verified owner)

    Fantastic product

  36. J.B (verified owner)

    Amazing, within 24 hours most of my aches and pains had gone, wouldn’t be without it, liked it so much I had to order one for my friend

  37. IHM

    Fast delivery and having a positive effect. Well worth the money.

  38. Jane Howells (verified owner)

    I have worn a bioflow for many years following a car accident. I can honestly say that without it I have constant back pain. I would not be without one. I have recently purchased a sports bioflow and am delighted with it. I don’t have to take it off at all which is brilliant. I can shower, bathe, swim in it. Excellent. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone suffering from back pain.

  39. Geoffrey Stephenson (verified owner)

    This is much more convenient than the other Bioflow device that I have, especially when using a keyboard

  40. Amanda (verified owner)

    I love my sports bioflow. It looks good and has helped me considerably with pain in my wrists, back and neck. I’d recommend Bioflow to everyone.

  41. Sheila Joynes (verified owner)

    I find it tricky to take on and off but once in place it is very comfortable. It’s less bulky than the original bioflow I have been using for many years, which has kept arthritis at bay. People are sceptical about these things but I know if I forget to wear it, I wake up in the night with my thumbs hurting. So the sports one is easier because I can wear it all the time – except that I had an allergic skin reaction to it so I have had to revert to the previous one for a few days before I try it again. There were not any instructions with the sport – I presume it is waterproof and therefore ok in the bath or shower but maybe it was dampness which caused the itchy rash? I don’t know.

  42. Tracie (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing the sports band for 3 weeks and I’m truly amazed, I was initially sceptical but within hours I felt a benefit and the wrist pain is minimal.

  43. James Welsh (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing my sports band for a couple of weeks now and I’m really feeling the benefits of it…. Living virtually pain free now.

  44. Ryan Mills (verified owner)

    Unbelievable product. Wouldn’t ever consider my life without one. If you have any doubts, try one (they are priced competitively), what have you got to loose? & you will definitely feel a difference!! Just remember water is the key to maximum effect. I even got my doubting mother in law to wear one & she even admitted it eased her arthritis! Never be without bioflow again, once you have tried!! Brilliant product.

  45. Jill Baxter

    Good quality and fit. I feel better since I started wearing it. I really like that it has no fastener, just slips on so less bulky and doesn’t get in the way at work and during sports.

  46. Josephine jones (verified owner)

    I no longer have to take pain killers for arthritis in my knee, my whole body has gone through a change, it’s called freedom!

  47. Jonny M (verified owner)

    I’ve been using a Bioflow wristband of some sort on-and-off since 1998. I have always had recurring back, shoulder, wrist, knee pains and find genuine relief from wearing the magnet – mostly I don’t use pain relief or anti-inflammatories anymore. I favour the convenience of the non-clasp band, although I’ve replaced mine twice recently through carelessness. If I stop to check my phone or change music playlist when out for a cycle ride, I seem to drag it off my hand with my glove! My wife has just asked to borrow one to try it out, too.

  48. Donna L

    It works for me-plain and simple! Reduces pain and reduces the amount of NSAID’s I have to take to relieve pain. Have used it for many years. With me it also helps things heal faster/reduces inflamation faster as well.

  49. Susan

    It fits my small wrist well, easy to put on or remove and has eased the RSI pain in my hand/arm. I had one of the bracelets previously and lost it, the pain returned which proved to me it works.

  50. Terry (verified owner)

    Very comfortable. Helps my joints as I play a lot of golf. Excellent service.

  51. Andrew Waterhouse (verified owner)

    Recommended by a friend. Was sceptical, but have found the bracelet to be very beneficial, especially early morning for ankles and knee joints.

  52. Sukh S (verified owner)

    Great product and service provided.

  53. Sukh S (verified owner)

    Bought for my wife and can feel the benefits already, great product and service.

  54. Steph O (verified owner)

    I have been wearing my Bioflow bangle for 20 years, the only time it has been taken off was during hip surgery, I swear by it for my arthritis. My husband had developed arthritic pain in his hands so I ordered the sport version for him. It took 2 weeks to notice any difference but his pain has gone, in his words “it’s amazing”. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  55. William A (verified owner)

    Not had this one for very long, but it does seem to be improving my problem.

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