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Sport Magnetic Wristband Black/White

Sport Magnetic Wristband Black/White

(12 customer reviews)

Designed to complement an active lifestyle, Bioflow Sport is a winning combination of powerful magnet technology teamed with a durable, waterproof silicone wristband. Each Bioflow magnetic bracelet and wristband contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet encased in a smooth and comfortable one-piece strap.


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Designed to complement an active lifestyle, Bioflow Sport is a winning combination of powerful magnet technology teamed with a durable, waterproof silicone wristband. Each Bioflow magnetic bracelet and wristband contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet encased in a smooth and comfortable one-piece strap.

Measure your wrist carefully and order a size that fits comfortably and is not restrictive. If you are in doubt which size to order, please download our size guide here

Please click here for advice on how to wear and care for this product.

PLEASE NOTE: Bioflow products should not be worn by anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker or other implant that could be affected by a strong magnetic field. Bioflow Sport wristbands are made of silicone. Silicone allergy is rare but those who experience it may have symptoms such as rashes and inflammation. Often, any reaction experienced is non-allergic and can be resolved or prevented by following our wear and cleaning guidelines listed here

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S (17.5 cm), M (19 cm), L (20.5 cm)

12 reviews for Sport Magnetic Wristband Black/White

  1. Colin Jacobs (verified owner)

    Very affordable and very comfortable to wear and looks great in black/white. Have been wearing for about 6 weeks or so and although it’s early days I feel like it’s helping with my wrist pain and also other joint pain such as my hips wear I have some arthritis. I play golf once/twice a week and also football twice a week and often suffer with a lot of joint pain but this seems to really be helping and has given me confidence to carry on playing. If you suffer from wrist or other joint pain, then give this a go.

  2. CAROLINE WALLER (verified owner)

    Think its working – stylish and hopefully efficacious – good that you can keep it on all the time – it’s waterproof – ideal for my job

  3. Sarah Fowler (verified owner)

    A number of years ago I bought a Bioflow bracelet for myself as I had a back injury and over a period of 18 months nothing was giving me any relief. After 2 weeks wear, my back showed a huge improvement in the level of pain. Recently, I suffered a ligament and meniscus (notorious for slow healing due to poor blood supply) problem in my knee so I put the bracelet back on, again there has already been am improvement. I decided to buy these sports bracelets for my boys, aged 13 and 18 as both have sports injuries and again they both report that their conditions feel better. They even think it looks cool!

  4. Julie Jones (verified owner)

    Was diagnosed with De Quervain’s tendonitis … wrist and thumb in lots of pain so thought I’d give the bioflow sports band a try. The swelling reduced almost immediately. I can’t pretend it was less painful but been wearing it for nearly 3 weeks now and it is now feeling much better. You’ve got nothing to lose by trying a bangle and seeing if it can help.

  5. Chris (Jo) Cowley (verified owner)

    I bought this for my son who teaches sailing and windsurfing on Sydney Harbour – I did so following the fantastic results we’d had with the Canine version which has transformed our dogs life. We also had one on our old land rover and saved at least 5% on fuel bills. So when he pulled a muscle hauling sails this was our go to option. He loves the modern clean lines and design and says it looks very good on his wrist and is comfortable and does not not feel noticeable on your arm ie it doesn’t itch, restrict or pull downy hairs. He is also sure it’s working – slowly at first but in little increments eg less pain on waking up to virtually no pain. Hauling sails has also become noticeably easier – he was however sceptical and wondered if it was simply improving naturally SO he took it off and within 3 days was searching for it – now convinced it does make a difference. As he says it’s not a cure but it is a relief and on that’s worth having. It may not work for you but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a go.

  6. Harry Maynard

    Extremely sceptical of this type of wrist band to actually work. Did a lot of research which all says there is no scientific reason for it to work. However it does. I do not know how or why but my back pain has reduced significantly. Been having physio and other forms of ‘pain relief’ for 18 months now – nothing seems to work. After 24 hours of wearing this bracelet the pain has virtually gone. I am now about a week in and it is honestly the best thing I could have done. Cannot recommend highly enough. For such a small price it is definitely worth a try.

  7. Surja Dharma (verified owner)

    I chose a sport bracelet because I like to play golf but have back pain. Bioflow is the only one that has a significant positive impact during my golf session. Really recommend.

  8. Louise Matthews (verified owner)

    I’ve only had the bracelet for 3 weeks but I did suffer mild side effects when I first started wearing it and I have not had to take painkillers since so it is definitely doing something for my ankle pain. My dog has arthritis and I got her the bioflow collar and the difference is amazing she’s like a pup again. It’s one of the reasons I got myself the bracelet as I was always sceptical. It’s very comfortable to wear and is stylish as well. I do a lot of running and gym work and this is perfect with it being waterproof. I have recommended it to a friend already

  9. Graeme Ferguson (verified owner)

    I bought bioflow sport a couple of weeks ago after reading about it in running magazines and thought I’d give it a go. I had a trapped nerve in my back which had partially paralysed my last 2 fingers on my left hand and was receiving deep tissue massage to alleviate the numbness. Since wearing the band I have noticed the feeling returning and my masseuse has not even booked me in for another appointment after the last one 2 days ago, which is a huge relief as the deep tissue massage is excruciatingly painful. Thank you bioflow as I truly trust the method and it has also saved me money and pain with my masseuse! An amazing product which is both stylish and practical, everybody asks me “what is that on your wrist?” Life changer!

  10. Sean (verified owner)

    Great product fits like a dream, makes me feel good and has improved my golf no end

  11. Phil Blundell (verified owner)

    Many people think me wearing my 3rd Bioflow Sport is just a sad case of the placebo effect. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but that’s their look out – I swear by it. The arthritic joints in some of my fingers haven’t hurt for 10 years, meaning gripping a golf club, tennis racket or ski pole continues to keep me pain free … but catch it early, don’t wait for your hands and joints to get too chronic as you’ll probably not be able to rid yourself of all the swellings.

  12. Angela Fox (verified owner)

    Pain from shoulders gone, know it’s not a cure for osteoarthritis but my lower back and hip are very much relieved too! Sport is a bit difficult to get on, but fits wrist well.

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