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Magnetic Dog Collar Red

(14 customer reviews)

Our magnetic dog collar contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet and the canvas finish is designed to be both comfortable and durable for your pet.


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Our magnetic dog collar contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet and the canvas finish is designed to be both comfortable and durable for your pet.

Available in two sizes, small and large. Small fits neck circumference up to 45cm (17 3/4 inches) and large fits up to 65cm (25 3/4 inches).

If required the collar can be trimmed and heat-sealed with a naked flame to prevent fraying.

Please click here for advice on how to wear and care for this product.

Please note: Please do not allow the collar to come into contact with chemicals from commercially available ‘spot on’ flea treatments. We recommend removing the collar whilst the treatment is in progress. These collars can be worn by microchipped dogs.

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Small (up to 45cm), Large (up to 65cm)

14 reviews for Magnetic Dog Collar Red

  1. Kevin P

    I fitted a Bioflow dog collar to my 11 year old Dalmatian because he was showing signs of arthritis and was on medication. Not only was I able to reduce his medication but the collar was beneficial for his epileptic convulsions. He went from having one a month to a milder one every six months which was something I was not expecting.

  2. Karen C (verified owner)

    Our vet recommended a bioflow collar for our 11 year old lab / collie cross who is suffering with arthritis. It is early days yet, but he does seem to want to walk more and certainly seems happier in himself, so good early signs. The ordering process was easy and the collar turned up really quickly.

  3. Caroline Warren (verified owner)

    On the recommendation of a friend I bought a Bioflow collar for our 11 year old collie as he was showing signs of lameness and did not seem as happy with life as usual. I certainly didn’t expect the improvement to be quite so evident so soon. Our dog is now completely sound and looks forward to his walks again and runs around like a much younger dog. He wears the collar for approx 12 hours a day and it certainly seems to do the trick. Ordering was straightforward and the collar arrived within two days. Thank you Bioflow!

  4. Carol Kerry (verified owner)

    Charlie is moving a lot more easily, the collar is definitely helping his poor knee

  5. Gail (verified owner)

    I bought a collar after a friend recommended it. It was delivered very quickly and although it is early days there appears to be some improvement in my 12 year old Greyhound.

  6. Michelle white (verified owner)

    This has been amazing for my very itchy spaniel, his skin is not red and inflamed! And no more vet bills i.e. (Steroids) thank you

  7. Richard Bush (verified owner)

    We think there has been some theraputic effect for our 9 year old Springer Spaniel but the catch is a weak point and it has broken so he can’t wear it any more.

  8. Mary Corcoran (verified owner)

    I purchased a bioflow collar for my almost 11 year old Labrador because he has arthritis and has had his ACL/knee operated on when he was 8. He seems to have more energy and is in much better mental form since he has been wearing the collar. You were recommended to me by Carolyne Poulton who runs a Labrador rescue in Scotland and I agree with her that your products definitely have a positive impact. I do expect over time to see further improvements. I wish that they were stronger collars because a Labrador is a strong dog and just grabbing it for any reason worries me that it will break.

  9. Rachel Southern

    We bought this for our Jack Russell who had crucial surgery. The leg didn’t build up muscle & and he was stiff on it after exercising. After using the collar he’s got some muscle tone back & no longer favours the leg or is stiff – brill, well worth the money – we’ve had the collar 18 months now & saw an improvement immediately

  10. Debbie Carly (verified owner)

    I love Bioflow. My elderly dogs definitely get a benefit, my 14 year old Collie has been able to cut back on her arthritis medication as she looks more comfortable getting up and down and walking since she has been wearing her collar. My previous dogs also when they reached ages where they were uncomfortable both had Bioflow collars. Sadly I am now arthritic myself so I benefit from the Bioflow sports band and it definitely helps with my restless legs at night.

  11. Michelle Sumner (verified owner)

    Keeta certainly seems to have more energy – possibly related, but she is also starving (more so than usual for a Goldie). Hoping to see more improvement over time, where she can come up the stairs by herself.

  12. Toni Barrett (verified owner)

    I found that my dog Manni’s mobility and zest for life has improved in a few weeks of wearing his collar.

  13. Deirdre (verified owner)

    I love the bioflow products. my dog has some arthritis, it seems to help her. I think if she was not wearing it all the time, she would be suffering more pain.

  14. Diane Crabb (verified owner)

    Our English Staffy started to get arthritis and the vet recommended Bioflow as a possible way to help ease the pain. We were a bit sceptical but took the plunge. Ruby has been wearing the collar for a couple of weeks now and it is really helping her. She used to wake up in the morning and it would take her a good 30 minutes to get going before she could move freely. During this time there was a fair amount of yelping as she got herself warmed up. It was soul destroying for us to see her in pain. Since wearing the collar she has not yelped once and is now moving freely. It is miraculous and we can’t believe the effect it has had on her life. We saw some improvement within 2 days of putting the collar on but 2 weeks on and she is not only moving freely but actually bouncing around the house and jumping pain free! Thank you so much Bioflow. We have our little girl back. 😀

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