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Magnetic Dog Collar Black

Magnetic Dog Collar Black

(64 customer reviews)

Our magnetic dog collar contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet and the canvas finish is designed to be both comfortable and durable for your pet.


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Our magnetic dog collar contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet and the canvas finish is designed to be both comfortable and durable for your pet.

Available in two sizes, small and large. Small fits neck circumference up to 45cm and large fits up to 65cm. The small is 16mm wide and the large is 20mm wide.

If required the collar can be trimmed and heat-sealed with a naked flame to prevent fraying.

Please click here for advice on how to wear and care for this product.

Please note: We advise that you do not allow the collar to come into contact with any flea treatment chemicals. We recommend removing the collar while the treatment is in progress and leave it off until the fur is completely dry. These collars can be worn by microchipped dogs.


Additional information

Weight 0.056 lbs

Small – Up to 45cm, Large – Up to 65cm

64 reviews for Magnetic Dog Collar Black

  1. Nardia Spiers

    Have had the collar for over a year now, I saw an improvement in my cavalier within a couple of weeks (he had laxating patella surgery on both legs). He is now able to run around like a normal 4 year old dog and rarely takes pain medication. These collars are amazing and I have recommended them to many friends.

  2. Gordon Mackett (verified owner)

    I have used this collar on my Staffordshire Bull Terrier for nearly two years, what a difference, he has stopped limping. Would recommend this collar.

  3. Patricia (verified owner)

    My 12 year old Labrador has always been very active until this summer. I have worn a bioflow Elite bracelet for about 12 years and found it beneficial when I had Polymyalgia, so bought a collar for my dog in September. After three weeks, he appears to have improved and continues to do so. I found my improvement to be gradual as well and managed to come off Prednisolone which I’d been on for 5 years.. Highly recommend these products for both animals and humans..

  4. Jo Lindsay (verified owner)

    Have had collar a couple of weeks now and it seems to be working. Delighted, no limping and able to jump up on couch again (not allowed on couch, that lasted all of three weeks!)

  5. Sara Anton-Watts (verified owner)

    I have a 12 year old Parson Jack Russell and after reading the reviews I bought her a Bioflow collar (my husband has a Bioflow bracelet and swears by it). In the last few weeks we have seen a great improvement in her movement and she now wants to go for walks … previously she would hide and refuse to go anywhere so I would definitely recommend it!

  6. Rebecca

    Our dog Molly is now a 13 year old Labrador. We purchased the Bioflow collar 5 years ago after been told she would need surgery on her bad joints as she could no longer walk well. Since having the collar she has made a miraculous recovery! Even the vet was shocked at her immediate improvement. She has been on no pain medication for five years now. Fantastic job!

  7. MR KEITH ANDERSON (verified owner)


  8. K Bevan (verified owner)

    We’ve only had the collar for a few weeks, but I am confident it is helping my 11 year old lurcher. He had started to get arthritis, but having been diagnosed with kidney failure 18 months ago, the vet was reluctant to put him on appropriate drugs which would affect his kidneys further. I was very keen to find him alternative treatment, and since wearing the Bioflow collar, he has regained his energetic, almost puppyish, bounce when out on walks. It is a wonderful relief to see him so much more comfortable! It’s a shame the vet wasn’t the one to recommend Bioflow!?

    I was hugely impressed with the service from Bioflow – the collar was ordered in the afternoon and arrived in the post the next day…and this was in the run up to Christmas!

  9. Mrs D Williams

    Bought my 2 springer spaniels new collars for Christmas and already I have noticed my older 11 year old spaniel is more active. She has severe arthritis and other medical problems. They already had the bio flow collar and not knowing what the life of the collar is I decided to replace them, but as stated above she has definitely got more bounce since I replaced the collar. The younger spaniel (8) also has arthritis but not to the same degree as the older dog and she is like a one year old. Would recommend to anyone to try.

  10. Becky (verified owner)

    Been using the collar and bed since Christmas for my 10 yrs old lab. She’s ruptured her ligament in her knee. We’ve noticed a big difference in her and the stiffness has reduced. Getting my old girl back

  11. Ian chamberlain (verified owner)

    Recommended by dog groomer for my dog Oscar who has had a bad limp. Since using it he has got better so think of trying myself for a bad back.

  12. MM (verified owner)

    Have bought for my almost 13 year old Springer Spaniel – she has been wearing for two weeks now, and I have seen a difference, the main difference at this stage is that she is much happier in herself and I feel as the weeks go on I will see a significant difference in her mobility too.

  13. Jill Crouch (verified owner)

    My 13 year old darling is stiffening up significantly and I’m loathe to put her on long term medication. I thought I’d give the collar a go and was thrilled to see an immediately improvement. She is still limping slightly after getting up from a long rest but there is a noticeable difference. Thank you!

  14. Lyn Taylor (verified owner)

    Quite good. We use the collar in the day and the bed at night. Seems to work well. Bed is much better value for money. I fail to see why the collar needs to be so expensive. Not a brilliant design.

  15. Karen Harland (verified owner)

    I was recommended to get a collar for my old girl (15 1/5yrs old) to help her recovery after an injury she sustained. After 1 day of her wearing it she seemed to me to be moving better and after 1 week she was trying to run with the other. Now after 1 month she now trots along happily and manages to play ball albiet still a little wobbly, but fantastic for a dog of her age.

  16. Christine Wright (verified owner)

    I bought this collar for my 9 year old Rottweiler who suddenly went lame. My vet couldn’t find what the problem was. After three weeks of wearing it her lameness is massively reduced and she’s back chasing Rabbits!

  17. Natalie (verified owner)

    Bought a collar for my 11 year old staffy who was a bit arthritic in his back legs. After wearing it for a couple of weeks he no longer lifts his leg during a walk. The collar was recommended to us from a friend so I thought I would try it out. He now has a spring in his step.

  18. Jean Wharmby (verified owner)

    Bought this collar for my 10 year old Labrador who has arthritis in her shoulder. Since wearing the collar her stiffness has improved and she is enjoying her walks much more. We are able to go for much longer walks which has not been possible for some time. We are both feeling much fitter!

  19. John Moore (verified owner)

    Excellent service and my 10 year old dog is showing daily improvement

  20. Amanda Aldridge (verified owner)

    I used one of the bioflow collars many years ago on an ageing lurcher and was amazed at the effect on him, he lived to be 17 1/2 and was without many of the ailments that elderly dogs seem prone to for most of those years. I have now put one on my 9 year old malamute after noticing him slowing down a little and am delighted to see that he is back to his usual naughty self again!

  21. Alex Houslop

    I bought this collar for my 13 year old Collie cross who has developed arthritis in both hips and knees and was struggling with pain. We had been unable to walk him for three weeks and the vet had said to take him home and say goodbye (he was also falling over a lot). I purchased this collar while on holiday and on my return put it on him – that was the Saturday, by Tuesday my daughter was able to walk him a short distance up the road. On Thursday, Buster had managed to climb on the bed for a morning cuddle something he has not done for 18 months and has been out for a longer walk this morning. The vet considers that it is the anti inflammatory drugs which he has been on now for three weeks. Not me – it has to be the collar and I have recommended it to two of my friends who have similar problems with their dogs. We now have our dog back, happy and more active than he has been in months.

  22. C Williams (verified owner)

    My labrador has arthritis and has had operations on both elbows. I purchased this collar as a replacement for one I bought years ago for my previous dog, as the plastic clasp had cracked. My dog is now 8 but he is still enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle and has loads of energy. I have always found Bioflow collars to be of benefit to my dogs and always wear a Bioflow bracelet myself.

  23. Debbie (verified owner)

    I bought this collar for my 10 year old Yorkie who was having problems getting up & down the stairs & on the bed but after just 3 weeks he’s jumping around like a puppy, it’s made such a difference & to know he’s happier is just brilliant..

  24. Natasha Howells

    My border collie (14) has been having back leg issues and struggling to get up and down, often his legs would splay when trying to get up. After reading the reviews I decided to buy the collar to see what effect of any this would have on him, to my amazement the reviews did not lie, I’m not saying my dog is up and down like a yo-yo but the difference is remarkable and he seems so much happier in himself. Thank you bioflow.

  25. Michael Owen (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure about this, but my 12 year old German Shepherd was struggling when we were going out for walks, we have had it a month now and we have 5 mins ball chasing when we go out.

  26. Joanna-Clare cook (verified owner)

    Must say I was dubious to begin with but as the vet was talking steroids and maybe eventually orthopeadic surgery both scary predictions for his future. The reviews gave me encouragement to give it a try. Toby is a rescue dog yorkie 8-9 years old not neutered, his coat so matted and filthy dirty to the skin, knowing his past his diet was dreadful and so was his life generally mainly locked in a kitchen no bed, toys or food bowls and little or no human or animal contact not really housetrained. He has been wearing the collar for around a month and well what can I say other than brilliant since purchasing this within a week toby seems so much better no longer stiff in the mornings or bunny hops on his back legs on walks, when he ran he would lift his one back leg but no longer does his general gait is alot better he always had a haunched spine which is no longer visible, he is calmer, so much happier and confident in himself, now ready to play rather than growling to warn off other dogs, a proper social mr wagg tail, he must have been in alot of pain bless him I am very very impressed and Toby is very very happy boy.

  27. Dave ransome (verified owner)

    Bought one for my 13year old lab,since he has been wearing it
    He is a bit more lively so I would recommend this collar to
    Anyone who has a dog that is getting a little old,

  28. Midge

    I bought this collar a year and a half ago for my now 15 and a half year old Labrador cross spaniel. She got hit by a car and was very on and off lame. Within a couple of weeks of having this collar she was even better than she was before the accident and still thinks she’s a puppy now despite her age. I highly recommend this product and believe that it has made a huge difference. My almost 16 year old dog still runs around every day like a young dog.

  29. Cheldu (verified owner)

    Easy to fit, its early days but my greyhound seems more mobile now. The magnet does keep rotating round his neck though and I understood it was meant to sit at the bottom near his pulse point.

  30. AL (verified owner)

    I bought a collar for each of my dogs recently, unsure whether they would have an effect or not. My one dog has niggling hips and knees which have of late caused her issues after long walks. It was heart-breaking to see her want to go but then to suffer afterwards. My terrier had cut down the walks that she wanted to go on with us too. I did not want to commit either dog to a life of medication so opted to try a collar. I am incredibly pleased to report that both dogs have improved dramatically in just three short weeks, I wish I had bought the collars before. My terrier is back to full gusto with her walks and the lab/husky is back to her puppy state despite rising 9. I am so pleased that they have their personalities back long may it continue!!

  31. Shirley (verified owner)

    Our dog showed signs of back pain, but when taken to the vet shows nothing serious and prescribed with pain killers. He’s been wearing the collar for a few weeks now and showing a great improvement. He is much livelier and moves much more easily without using any drugs.

  32. Ian McHattie (verified owner)

    Have had the bioflow collar now for three weeks and our 9 year old Springer Spaniel Toby is a lot happier – eating and exercising better. Long may it continue.

  33. JAN BOIKE NEW YORK STATE (verified owner)

    My sweet 9 yr old pit mix (adopted at 8 yrs) was having a bit of trouble running after playing fetch for a few minutes. Now he is not having those problems – the only difference is the addition of the bioflow collar!

  34. Lilias Fraser (verified owner)

    A few years ago someone suggested I get one for my wee poodle who had been knocked down by a car – I did and he hasn’t looked back! He recovered well and is a lively wee dog today. I also have a large labradoodle age 8 who has arthritis – I tried many different supplements that people recommended but although he was slightly better he stopped improving. Once again it was suggested I got a Bioflow collar ( can’t think why I didn’t think of getting one!). Anyway he has worn one ever since and is still improving. It’s nice to see him running around with other dogs at the park and the only time his stiffness shows is after he has been sleeping and goes to stand. I still have hope from the reviews that this will improve too!

  35. Andrew Bowns (verified owner)

    Recently purchased one for Bart, our soft coated wheaten terrier who is 10 this year as we had noticed he was becoming stiff in his joints. Being a wearer myself I thought I would give it go for my furry best friend. Well I must say the results are spectacular, we saw an improvement within 48hrs I am now considering purchasing for all of our dogs!

  36. Ruth Gilbert (verified owner)

    Our old boy, a collie x, will be 15 in August, has been on medication for arthritis for about 4 years and doing well. Bought collar ‘cos I’ll do anything to help him and keep him comfortable. Very surprised to see him running to follow a fox scent, and find the fox, last weekend. May have been motivation, but I think the collar helped him achieve. Has been wearing the collar for about 3 weeks.

  37. J Graham

    My dog has worn one of these for years and, at nearly 12 years old, she is still free and jaunty in her gate due to the joint freedom the magnet collar gives her. My recent purchase was for my sister’s dog as we highly recommend these magnet collars.

  38. Em (verified owner)

    Have recently bought both a dog and a cat collar and am very pleased with both. I would recommend the collars to anyone who could be facing big vet bills for painkillers. I live in France and have recommended Bioflow collars to a number of my B&B guests but postal charges of £10 on a £20 cat collar are excessive for a small package weiging a few ounces and people are put off. Anything you can do to change this Bioflow would be very welcome as I’m considering buying another collar.

  39. JL (verified owner)

    Very happy with this collar and service. Product delivered quickly and as expected. I’m sure it’s working already for my old boy. I’d been looking for this type of collar for some time but all the ones I’d seen were much wider, for larger dogs. So pleased to have found one that is the right size for my small dog. Thank you!

  40. Mhairi (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery. Really pleased with the collar, my dog seems brighter, early days so hopefully it will continue to work. My friend says it works on her dog so I am confident my dog will benefit. Great company to deal with. Thanks.

  41. Susan Kelly (verified owner)

    Good product easy to adjust to fit my dog. He seems happy wearing it and he is not as creaky. Great believer in magnets, thanks.

  42. Jo (verified owner)

    Bought this for my 12yr old collie, he’s a bit arthritic and has a slight heart murmur. After approx 2 weeks of wearing his new collar he seems to have had a new lease of life.

  43. Dianne Marshall (verified owner)

    This is the second collar I have bought for my border collies over the past several years. I really believe they have helped their aging joints and I’m sure my 10year old collie has already benefited. At the same time I also bought an explorer wristband for myself, now both ready to try dog agility training, who knows, watch this space!

  44. Anne Fairless (verified owner)

    I have used Bioflow products for myself for a number of years so when my dog started showing signs of pain I knew where to turn. Following £2k’s worth of scans we were no further forward but I have now been able to reduce pain relief considerably. My dog is happy again and mobility has improved.

  45. Kate Horwwod

    Bought one for our 12 year old Jack Russell who was struggling with his arthritis in his back leg. All I can say is it is amazing, within 4 hours of him wearing the collar he was happier – moving around more and by day 4 of wearing it he was playing and and running around. Just a really happy dog again.

  46. Mary Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This is the second Bioflow collar that I have bought. The first one was for my previous dog and lasted for many years usntil Sasha, my present beardie, lost it while on a walk as I think the clasp had worn down due to old age. The result with my previous dog was very good and the collar helped ease the aches and pains as he aged. Sasha is now getting on too and his joint movement is better since he has had his collar back.

  47. June Taylor (verified owner)

    A friend of mine has an older dog and told me he had ordered the Bioflow collar for him. I have a 15 year old Westie with many medical conditions. I ordered the collar and it came the next day! I can honestly say she seems to be moving about more as she had slowed down a lot and I was looking for her and she had managed to get up on our settee! (All of our dogs are allowed on the settee). I am so happy I purchased the collar and would recommend it wholeheartedly!

  48. Emma coles (verified owner)

    Ordered two, one for my 14 year old Jack Russell who has, after walks, been finding it hard to walk about, especially in the winter months. Honestly, I can’t believe the change in her after several weeks of wearing the collar. By the end of the month she was definitely more spritely, even after walks. She’s 14, so I’m not expecting miracles, but she is definitely in a lot less pain. We all love our animals and this has definitely taken one step closer to making her life a bit easier, without all the invasive tests that a vet would have to carry out, and less costly.

  49. Elizabeth Taylor (verified owner)

    Seems quite good but need it a bit longer to say any real difference as only worn it a couple of weeks. I have high hopes though.

  50. Jan Albon

    I bought one a little while back because I didn’t want to have to keep my Basset on Metacam any longer. So far, so good. I do take it off overnight as I don’t want him wearing it in his crate – and I have to be careful re the loose skin under his chin in case it gets inflammed.

  51. Sara Higgins (verified owner)

    Amazing result. 12 year old rescued Lab x Mastiff Butch has a step in his spine, arthritis and although on Metacam, still very sore, leg shaking, no playing. First night of wearing the magnetic collar, no leg shake and more tail wags. Next day, while I was playing with one of the other dogs, Butch started play nibbling on my forearm. I was shocked as he hasn’t done that for years. He now wears his magnetic collar for half the day. Brilliant.

  52. Michael Bowen (verified owner)

    What can I say? Bought one for one of our dogs years ago, was so impressed by his recovery and his overall improvement in health we purchased another three collars for our other dogs after which I purchased a silver type one for myself and for my wife. Have worn them for years, I think they are wonderful. One of our dogs bioflow collars finally broke, so we instantly purchased another. Would recommend them to everyone – for themselves and their animals!

  53. Gail (verified owner)

    I bought this for my 7 year old cavalier and its given him a new lease of life. I have recommended the collar to my friends.

  54. Nicole Turner (verified owner)

    My Labrador has had a bioflow collar for a long time so when I was looking for one for my collie bioflow was the obvious choice. Great product.

  55. Niki pitt (verified owner)

    I love bioflow, would highly recommend it. All my dogs have had one when showing stiffness in joints. Great product that 100% works.

  56. Steven Marshall (verified owner)

    The collar seems to have had the same effect on my GSP as the wristbands have with me! It really has helped to alleviate the stiffness and discomfort in her rear legs. Very pleased.

  57. Ava Volante (verified owner)

    Our 12 year old whippet has been getting progressively slower and a friend of ours recommended the Bioflow collar to give her a little support during these ‘twilight years’. She has been wearing the collar for about 3 weeks and we have noticed a considerable difference in her agility! So so happy with our purchase. Thank you.

  58. Sarah Pykett (verified owner)

    Good Product, Easy to fit. My GSD looks lovely in it and I have bought it her as she is nearly 8 as a prevention measure so she doesn’t start to get pain

  59. Naomi (verified owner)

    We’ve been using these over several generations of dogs. Our current dog isn’t old but he does suffer with his joints after a long day working the sheep. I thought his old collar wasn’t working too well then discovered my husband had been letting him swim in it over Summer. New one purchased!

  60. Suzanne (verified owner)

    After speaking with my brother and hearing how he’d bought his wife a bioflow bracelet, I decided to try a Bioflow collar for our 11 year old Springer Spaniel. He had an operation to repair his cruciate ligament 3 years ago and has been slowing down considerably of late. I can honestly say his new collar has made a huge difference and although at first I thought I was just imagining the improvement, there’s no doubt he is much more agile since he started wearing it. It’s great to see him running around the field with the other dogs again.

  61. Shanti (verified owner)

    I bought this for my 9yr old lurcher for her back leg stiffness and ligament damage. After laying down for a long period (lurchers love to sleep lots) she would usually limp and be super stiff but now she doesn’t limp at all and has very little stiffness. Great idea. I’ve know about bioflow products for years. And thought it was a load of guff! It’s not and it works a treat. I may buy myself one soon too! Thank you so much ☺️

  62. Debbie C (verified owner)

    My bulldog had patella surgery in February and took Loxicom but was still very lame and hopping on three legs. After reading the reviews I thought I’d give this a try at £25, considering the thousands I’ve already spent. I stopped Loxicom so I could see any results. OMG amazing, after about 4 days she was using all legs, then after a few more days she was running and for the first time in a year jumped up on to our outdoor furniture. It’s been three weeks and she’s still off medication and is a happy dog again. I’ve ordered a bracelet for myself and two friends and a collar for friends elderly border terrier. Fantastic product it definitely works.

  63. Elaine Duncan (verified owner)

    Having used Bioflow products with good effect on our horses, I bought a collar for my English Pointer who had marked stiffness and frequent ‘dead leg’ syndrome in a back leg (which meant he attacked his own leg) that had been treated with physio and heat. After a week wearing the collar there was a marked improvement with hardly any lameness or ‘dead leg’ since. Great result.

  64. Peter L (verified owner)

    Our collie is 13 and was struggling on her hind legs. We had her on medication and a neighbour recommended the magnetic dog collar. She has improved immensely and it is though she has had a new lease of life. Thank you so much

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